My Scars are Beautiful….

If you look on the bridge of my nose, there is a small dark circle. There is a similar scar on my right forearm. Each circle is a scar caused by the chickenpox. Lol, my chickenpox scars remind me that I disobeyed my Mother and scratched those places when I wasn’t supposed to! There is a faint mark on my left leg near my ankle. I was running down a hill one day and failed to notice a small pipe with a jagged edge sticking out of the ground. Needless to say, that one hurt! I ran screaming to my Grandmother’s house after tumbling down the rest of the hill. A bigger scar sits on my left knee…I skidded on rocks one day while riding my bike and skinned my knee. As painful as the wounds were at that time, the scars remind me of happy days as a little girl….days when I played hard outside and went in the house smelling like a little puppy.

Then there are the most recent scars…the three scars on my belly that mark the incision points for the surgeon who removed my ovaries and Fallopian tubes in December 2016. And then there are the scars around my breasts.  As I stood in the mirror this morning, my finger traced the scars that completely outline the bottom curve of each of my breasts. These scars are a reminder of the bilateral mastectomy and immediate breast reconstructive surgery that I also endured in December 2016. The scars around my breasts also remind me of the courageous decision I made last year to reduce my risk of breast and ovarian cancer after testing positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation.

BRCA2 gene mutations account for about half of all cases of inherited breast cancer. As my Mother, Grandmother, Aunt (Grandmother’s sister), Great-Grandmother, and Great Great-Grandmother have all had breast cancer, I made the life-changing decision to get ahead of the disease and reduce my risk. And I have the scars to prove it! Although it was a life-changing, courageous decision, I was sad as I looked in the mirror this morning. You see…my nipples were removed too during the surgery. No nipples there…just another scar to mark another incision point made by the surgeon last year.

But I was only sad for a faint moment!! As I continued to look in the mirror, a sweet smile spread across my face. Yep, I’m forever marked with scars. But my scars are beautiful because they are a sign that healing has taken place! The wound has been healed!! Did you catch that?? If not, catch this! My scars are a glorious reminder of the things that I have survived! My scars tell my history. Essentially, my scars are history written all over my body. They are a reminder that I’m still here. My scars are my battle wounds…beautiful in every way. But there’s more to the story….

I also have scars that can’t be seen with the physical eye…scars from the loss of loved ones, disappointments, heartache and pain. The scars that cause your heart to look like this…stitched and bandaged up. The scars that cause your eyes to fill with tears when you ponder all you have endured. I believe that these are the scars that hurt the most because we sometimes get stuck in the pain from the wound that caused the scar. Therefore, I want to challenge your perception of these invisible scars. You may not think it; but these scars are beautiful too! They are a reminder that God has kept you. They are a reminder that God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:3). They are a reminder that what was designed to destroy you didn’t prosper. Just as your physical scars tell your history, these scars tell your history too. They are your spiritual battle wounds!! Instead of being ashamed or nursing the pain that’s associated with them, it’s time to embrace these scars and declare that they’re beautiful in every way!!

My scars helped to mold me into the woman I am today. Therefore, I am embracing every one and declaring that they are beautiful to me and beautiful to God. Will you do the same regarding your own scars? Your scars have made you who you are today. Embrace them for they are truly beautiful. Peace and blessings to you! ~ The Warrior Princess