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Come and Join the CT Roadshow's fun and exciting offer at our oldest and biggest branch along Jalan SS2/3 affectionately known as CT1. Register your interest at our FB Event page now https://facebook.com/events/193746157978657/ so you can get more updates on it.


Join Win Big with Bosch - Rewards for Champion End User Campaign and win yourself an iPad Pro!


While most people are familiar with the twist drill bits, few are familiar with step drill bits.


Today's review is focused on the Makita MT M4001G blower. From the shape alone, the M4001G has a more 'conventional' blower shape when compared to the older M4000G which has its intake facing the exhaust port rather than beside it.


The quick answer to this question in a pinch is, yes, a rotary tool, such as the Black & Decker RTX1 or the Dremel range, do come with a cutting disc and grinding stones and can be used for cutting or grinding metal, rigid plastic, wood, composites, etc.



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Invented in the 1950s, the humble leaf blower has pretty much made the broom obsolete when it comes to sweeping away leaves. Despite its name, the sole purpose in life isn't just limited to blowing leaves off your driveway - rather, leaf blowers - or just blowers for short, can be used for a myrid of other applications such as to quickly rid a jobsite of debris, to quickly cool down machinery prior to speed up servicing (thus reducing downtime) or even in car detailing to quickly blow off the bulk of water off the car. You could probably even use it as a hair drier for your Golden Retriever.


As an owner of a Karcher pressure washer, the Karcher T-Racer surface cleaner might seem like an oddity just to clean floors, after all, the standard Vario Blaster or the Dirt Blaster is already included with each Karcher pressure washer and does an amazing job at cleaning horizontal or vertical surfaces.


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To the initiated, it sounds obvious enough that a hammer is designed to deliver an impact force to a workpiece with minimal deformation to itself - such as driving a nail into a wooden beam to secure two halves of wooden beam or into a wall as a means to hang a photo frame. As the wood is softer than the nail, it would often time comply and the nail, being a softer metal, would typically deform before the hammer face.


As most car-detailing gurus would agree, when paired with a two-bucket method, this pre-washing step is crucial to not only save you time with the wash mitt, but also reduces the amount of scratches on the clearcoat.


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Your Karcher pressure washer isn't just limited to cleaning the patio and the family car, paired with a Karcher Telescopic Spray Lance and an optional FJ6 Foam Jet attachment and a Universal Cleaning detergent, your double-storey house too can enjoy the joys of a thorough foam cleaning as you pre-soak with a foam blanket and blasts off the years of grime and weathering from the walls.

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